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Deactivate superpowers on Badoo

To cancel your Badoo Premium ongoing made via iTunes, go to the settings of your iPhone or iPad, choose ‘iTunes and iPhone App Store’, then tap your Apple ID and ‘View Apple ID’. Enter your security password, scroll down to dues and tap ‘Manage’. On the Badoo, Premium screen let down Auto Restore.

Buy credits on Badoo

  1. Sign in to Badoo.
  2. Click the Credits image in the left-hand menu.
  3. Click Buy Now or Top off depending on whether you already have credits or not.
  4. Pick the appropriate purchase option from the pop-up window.

Green dept of transportation on Badoo

Tinted dots inside your connections menu indicate the online status of the user. Green dept of transportation means that the person is now online, and orange dept of transportation means the person was online recently.

Chat on Badoo

Start chatting. To start communicating with a Badoo user, you must visit his or her profile page, and click the “Chat now” button at the very top right corner of these pages. You should then see a Message pop-up window. One side of this window, you will see the names of connected users

Yellow dots mean on Badoo

Tinted dots inside your connections menu indicate the online status of the user. Green dept of transportation means that the person is now online, and orange dept of transportation means the person was online recently.

Unmatch someone on Badoo

To unfavorite, someone simply visits their profile, click the image in the top right corner and select ‘Remove from favourites’. If you already had a conversation with the user you can go to your ‘Messages’ section and click the star image next to the customer’s name.

Report someone on Badoo

Cancelling options. If you discover someone’s behaviour in your direction or their language harassing, please inform us by clicking on the image in the top right corner on their profile page, select ‘Block or report’ and choose the reason. Thank you for your feedback.

Block someone on Badoo

To block a user, please visit their profile, pick the image in the top right corner of their profile and select ‘Block or report’. Please note that blocking a user will get rid of their messages from reaching you, but the user will still be able to view your profile.

Search for someone on Badoo

People Nearby and Search. The people Nearby section of Badoo shows you users in your area and other cities, while search lets you find people according to your own interests… If you already had a conversation with the user you can go to your ‘Messages’ section and click the star image next to the customer’s name.

Search for people on Badoo iPhone app

Hit Enter on your keyboard, and you will be directed to the website of Badoo.

  1. Sign in. Click the “Sign in” button at the top-right of the page…
  2. Find contacts of new friends…
  3. Narrow your contact search result…
  4. Customize your search results more…
  5. Pick the profile of the listed friends…
  6. Send messages to add contacts. Change the language on Badoo

To change your story language:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Press the apparatus in the top left corner.
  3. Select Account Settings.
  4. Tap Language.
  5. Scroll through the list and select a language.

What is the legal basis that enables Badoo to use my data?

We are only permitted to use crucial computer data when we have a lawful basis to do so. The table below has a summary of the legal bases that Badoo depends on to use crucial computer data. Where the legal basis is consent, you can withdraw consent at any time. Where the legal basis is legitimate interests, you have a direction to object to your use of crucial computer data. We explain in the relevant sections in this privacy notice how you can withdraw consent or opt-out of certain data uses (where applicable).

Purpose which is Data Legal basis data is used To offer Name, email address, date of birth, the Badoo social Contractual necessity location networking service Optional information that you determine to To facilitate provide in your profile, which might be networking include information about your sexual consent opportunities on the preferences, faith, ethnic Badoo site background, photos etc.

To verify your identity and forestall fraud and to ensure Cell phone number the safety and security of users Legitimate interests — it is in our legitimate interests to ensure that accounts are not set up fraudulently and to safeguard users of the site To take payment for Payment card details premium services

Who Badoo share information with?

Organic beef share aggregated information with such parties as Foursquare that includes your personal data (but which doesn’t identify you directly), together with other information including log data with third parties for industry analysis and market profiling and to deliver targeted advertising about other services and products.

We share crucial computer data with the following kinds of third-parties:

  1. Information technology companies (hardware and software) which provide services to support our products
  2. Fraud prevention and anti-spam providers to protect the service from the criminal activity
  3. Moderators to monitor activity on the site/apps and say yes to content
  4. Advertising partners, market places and providers of targeted advertising, including, but not limited to, MoPub Inc. (you can view MoPub privacy at and its partner list at
  5. Law enforcement agencies, where we must legally in order to protect the vital interests of a person
  6. Payment processing and telecoms companies to facilitate payments for our premium services

How does Badoo protect the data?

Badoo has implemented appropriate security measures to protect and forestall the loss, wrong use, and change of the information under our control, together with your personal data. Our technical experts at Badoo work hard to ensure your secure use of our site.

While we take reasonable precautions against possible security breaches in our website, member database and records, no website or internet transmission is utterly secure and we cannot guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, data loss, or other breaches will never occur. We urge you to make a plan to keep your personal data safe (together with your security password) and to log from your account after use. If you lose your security password or give it out, or another service provider that you use suffers a data breach and you purchase the same recommendations with that service provider as you have with Badoo, your personal data may be sacrificed. If that takes place, please report it to support via our Feedback page.

Where is the data kept?

You want you to be able to access Badoo wherever you will be in the world. Permit us to provide that service, we operate a global network of servers including in the USA, Hong Kong, Czech Republic and Paris. The hardware is found in third-party data revolves but is owned by Badoo. Data collected by advertising partners may also be held beyond the Western European Economic Area. We ensure that the data is adequately protected by ensuring that valid, legal things are in place such as EUROPEAN approved model clauses (that you can get here

more information relating to the character of the safeguards we have in place please email

Does Badoo collect any other personal data about me?

If you contact our Back-up and support team via our Feedback page, we will receive your email address and may track your IP address as well as the information you send to us to help resolve your query. We will keep records in our communications with you, including any complaints that we receive from you about other users (and from other users about you) for 6 years after deletion of your account.

What information does Badoo collect about me if I’m under 16?

Badoo does not knowingly collect any information about or market to children, those under 18 or anyone under the age of majority. If we become aware that a child, minor or anyone under the age of 16 has registered with us and provided us with personal data, we will take steps to terminate that person’s registration and eliminate their Profile information from Badoo. If we do eliminate a Profile because you dishonoured our no children rules, organic beef retain your email and IP address to ensure you don’t try to circumvent our rules by creating a new Profile