Recently, i simply completed reading a fascinating little guide entitled: Voyages of Hope – The Saga of this Bride Ships, by Peter Johnson

It delves into a remarkable and little-known element of B.C.’s history, and I also thought that it will be a topic that is suitable this line.

In 1858, B.C. contains two Uk colonies: brand New Caledonia along with its money at brand New Westminster, and Vancouver Island using its money at Victoria, which served once the shipping that is main access point for both colonies.

Brand brand brand New Caledonia had few white settlers, and its own economy had been based primarily from the HBC fur trade.

James Douglas, the Governor of Vancouver Island colony has also been the Administrator for the new Caledonia colony, since he had been the HBC’s Regional Chief Officer.

Then, in the summertime of 1858, silver had been found from the pubs regarding the Fraser River. Very nearly instantly, goldseekers flooded in to the area.

By mid 1859, Yale had been calculated to own over 5,000 inhabitants that are white of whom not as much as 20 were females.

That not enough European ladies became a concern that is major. To start with, it place amazing force on the native populace, as white prospectors took their females to be spouses, servants, slaves, causing major hard emotions between your whites and Very Very Very First countries individuals.

Next, there have been arguments, battles, and killings over women in the silver camps, threatening what the law states and order regarding the time. And thirdly, the Victorian attitudes towards blended competition relationships, morality and white racial superiority had been sorely challenged. Continue reading